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Prism-G™, a patented capsule application to help improve the efficiency and efficacy of product development activities.

The main advantage of Prism-G™ is that it includes many different colorants in the capsule, allowing initial stability studies to begin without waiting on the determination of final product branding.


  • Provides the ability to use a universal capsule for product compatibility trials and method development studies.
  • Features a wide range of colorants acceptable for use in major pharmaceutical markets.
  • Is currently available in gelatin in sizes 00, 0EL, and 0-4.



  • Includes many different colorants in the capsule, assuring the compatibility of materials with the variety of colorants acceptable in the pharmaceutical marketplace
  • Uses a combination of colorants that offers a wide range of color options for the final commercial product
  • Is imprinted using the most prevalent pharmaceutical capsule ink formulations
  • Permits product interaction and performance examination in capsules to start as soon as other product ingredients are available
  • Eliminates the initial time needed for selection of colors, approval, ordering, delivery, incoming specification set-up, and incoming testing of capsules for compatibility trials
  • Potentially eliminates the need for repeating compatibility trials due to changes in product trade dress.
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