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Probiotic product development

Probiotic product development

Winclove Probiotics produces premium probiotics for specific indications. The microorganisms in our probiotic formulations are carefully selected based on their individual characteristics. Because just as every organism, each strain has its own unique characteristics. And because most diseases are multifactorial, it is important to select probiotic strains that can influence the disturbed physiological processes in the disease that you target. We call this indication-specific. This is the basis of our product development. We study the properties of our strains, usually using in vitro screening assays and genome- based predictions. This knowledge, in combination with insights from scientific literature, is used to select different strains that all have unique capacities and can exert specific health-promoting effects for our evidence-based formulations.


Everything for the bacteria

Winclove Probiotics does not only select the best probiotic bacteria, also the other ingredients in the formulations are carefully selected. PROBIOACT® stands for PROBIOtic ACTivity. This technology consists of protective and nutritional ingredients that are selected to optimize:
• Stability - ensuring the cell count until end of shelf life at room temperature
• Bacterial survival - ensuring survival during GI passage (acid, bile, digestive enzymes)
• Metabolic activity - ensuring that the probiotic bacteria are active

Every Winclove formulation contains PROBIOACT® technology, the composition can be different for each formulation, depending on the probiotic bacteria present and the target group.

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