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In light of EFSA rejections of all probiotics health claims to date, based largely on lack of strain characterisation and poorly designed food human intervention studies, Atlantia has developed a “whole solution” for client companies to assist in probiotic health claim validation in a bid to get a positive EFSA response for a probiotic.

Probiotic-strain characterisation and optimisation

In collaboration with our academic partner, the Alimentary Pharmabiotic Centre (independently ranked #2 in the world for probiotic research by Thompson Reuters), Atlantia can provide Clinical Food Trials and GI health trials, offering the following services for client probiotic strains:

  • Complete genome sequencing and annotation of probiotic strains
  • Functional gene characterisation and protein expression
  • Microbial bioactive screening and identification
  • Optimal probiotic growth conditions – nutrients, prebiotics, susceptibility to phage etc.
  • Probiotic production, stability and shelf-life
  • In vitro cell-based and pre-clinical expertise to ascertain mechanisms of action
  • Probiotic viability and efficacy in GI tract
  • Translocation across the GI epithelium
  • Inter-individual variability – Next Generation sequencing of microbiota

Human Intervention Studies

Atlantia Staff have extensive experience in carrying out clinical trials with probiotics in health areas such as GI discomfort, constipation, IBS, sports nutrition, stress etc. We work in partnership with our clients at all stages of the clinical study, including

  • Pre-trial consulting, feasibility evaluation, study design
  • Regulatory submissions/ ethical approvals
  • Subject recruitment/ study execution
  • Sample and data analysis
  • Comprehensive study report
  • Publication in peer reviewed academic journals, if required
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