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Probiotic Identification

Eurofins has the necessary expertise and capabilities to individually evaluate each product and ensure we are preparing the samples for accurate identification, enumeration, or contamination. While there are multiple approaches to quality analysis in any product, the methods utilized by the pharma, food, environment and supplement industries are often not designed for probiotic or microbial products. Our specialized techniques and methods are specifically catered to support your probiotic or microbial product testing needs. We offer testing on both pure strain preparations and multi-strain mixtures.

Probiotic Identification

Eurofins performs probiotic species identification for single strains and blends. Strain-level ID or microbiome options exist for clinical and discovery applications.

- Species & subspecies level identification for multi-species products using Affymetrix Gene-Probe Array
- Custom PCR Assays – development or method adoption (RTPCR, QPCR, etc.)
- Microbiome Analysis (165 short & long-read)
- Metagenome 
- 16S rRNA Species Identification
- Strain-Level Identification
- Fungal Identification
- Multilocus Sequence Typing (MLST)
- Multiple-Locus Variable number tandem repeat Analysis (MLVA)

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