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16 Billion Active Cultures – 8 strains
15 Stick Pack box

  • QUICK MELT TECHNOLOGY – The Easy Way to Gut Health*
  • Melts In Your Mouth – No Mixing Necessary
  • 3 Easy Steps – 1) Tear Packet, 2) Pour in Mouth, 3) Enjoy!
  • Add to Food! – Organic Yogurt, Organic Cereal, Smoothie, Organic Ice Cream, Etc.
  • Supports Immune Health, Digestion, and Oral Health*
  • Shelf Stable – Refrigeration not Necessary

Probiotic Pak with QUICK MELT technology means you can take your probiotics anytime, anywhere! Plus, you can put it on food! Probiotic Pak is formulated with 16 billion viable organisms from 8 different friendly bacterial strains. It also includes QUICK MELT technology so all you have to do is toss the great-tasting powder in your mouth and away you go. No mixing necessary! Want to add a probiotic boost to your yogurt, bowl of fruit, or smoothie? Just toss it in! Since intestinal flora often decreases with age, it’s important to supplement the diet with probiotics.* A balanced gut microbiome supports many functions in the body, including digestion, circulation, immunity, and oral health.*


● L. acidophilus aids digestion by helping to break down food in the intestine and helps maintain friendly bacterial flora in the gut.*
● L. plantarum is a very versatile probiotic found in saliva that lines the colon to help support intestinal permeability, which controls the absorption of nutrients.*
● S. thermophilus is a powerful probiotic strain that supports digestion and immunity.*
● B. breve is a powerhouse probiotic bacteria that plays a key role in healthy colon function, immunity, and the digestion of sugars and fiber.*
● B. lactis is a very powerful transient probiotic bacteria that enhances immunity, digestion, and oral health.*
● L. reuteri is a cutting edge probiotic that helps support immune and cardiovascular system function.*
● L. rhamnosus helps support a healthy mood, immune function, and a healthy balance of good bacteria in the stomach and intestines.*
● B. infantis supports stomach and immune system health and aids digestion.*

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