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Product Development

Our team has extensive knowledge, great expertise and real-world experience helping our customers produce new, unique, innovative and effective nutritional supplements.

Elite One Source® will help you transform a concept into a reality. Our Product Development team will guide you through the potentially challenging maze of selecting ingredient options, caution of potential interactions, stability and efficacy of your formula. In the end, you will have a product that works not only in the lab, but in the real-world marketplace, both materially and economically.

At Elite One Source, we maintain an inventory of thousands of ingredients, and if needed, we can source the rarest of herbs and other unique ingredients to help design exactly the product you want. We help our customers stay on the cutting edge by bringing new ingredients and innovative formulations for them to market.

When you develop a new product with us, you will know exactly what your finished product will be. For taste sensitive formulations we can provide you with test samples to approve taste, color, smell and texture. Our R&D team has created a wide variety of delicious chewable tablets, wafers, sublinguals.

Elite One Source can help you determine what delivery system will be most advantageous (i.e. timed release, bi-layer, enteric coated, etc.). We can also work with you to develop the most effective and attractive packaging to help your great products stand out and reflect the quality of what is inside. We offer a tremendous variety of packaging design options.

Our R&D team will assist you and your team in developing exciting, new, innovative and effective products, giving you a real advantage in the marketplace. We also have a number of truly unique formulations that our team has developed which have undergone extensive testing in the field.

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