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Sentry Formulation

Product Development

Product Development Product development is the process of understanding and developing your product to meet your marketing objectives and making sure that the product is shelf stable over the life of the product, that it maintains its integrity through your marketing cycle and has the content uniformity and dissolution characteristics that are required to make an effective product Product development starts at the inception of a product idea. In developing the products, the following factors are taken into consideration * Physical and chemical Compatibility of the different active ingredients * Effect of the ingredients over the shelf life of the product in terms of physical appearance and organolpetic characteristics * Market that the product will be sold in ( market perceptions, temperature and humidity variables etc.) * Ability to have process repeatability without variations so that you get a consistent product * Ability to prolong the shelf life to meet specific market requirements All these factors are taken into consideration in developing a product. The product development phase at Sentry Manufacturing, Inc is a very rapid phase thanks to the years of experience that the staff provides. We actively communicate with our customers so that they are kept abreast of all the issues. A vast majority of our customers have come to us as they have been dissatisfied with some of our competitors over product development, quality, delivery times, prof

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