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Ensign Group International EGI


PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT Product development and industry experience from A-Z We work with hundreds of types of products and materials. Our emphasis on functional design and manufacturing has helped us successfully serve many industries, from household décor to metal joints for prosthetics. As product development and design strategists we do the following with you: Create conceptual drawings and spec sheets Work with designs that compliment factory capabilities Show you samples and materials from manufacturers Work with you to improve your product design Take multiple part orders and assemble them into a final product Products & Materials Used: This is just a sampling of some of the products and materials we’ve produced: Stitched Goods: handbags, carrying cases, mesh products, stuffed toys, nylon and synthetic products, top grain leather, embroidered canvas Home décor: functional furniture and office products, wall hangings, blinds, storage devices, natural wood grain, Powder coated metal Printing and kits: full-color books, bindings, card stock printing, boxes, product assembly Manufactured: electronic parts, silicon covers and parts, CDs and DVDs, glass and plastic Metal: wired goods, hinges, railings, joints, piping and tubing, high precision components. See how the EGI System handles the barriers that come with manufacturing goods in China and keeps projects moving forward here

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