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Sentry Production


Production Production is a multi step process. We purchase quality raw materials from only Sentry approved vendors. The vendor approval process is a very rigid one where we understand the company we are dealing with including their internal quality standards, their frequency of testing, the types of testing done and host of other factors. Its takes a lot on the vendors part to be a Sentry qualified vendor Purchasing is done only from such approved vendors. Once the ingredients are purchased, and received, samples of the in coming shipments are taken and sent for testing. Testing includes a thorough microbiological testing, qualitative and quantitative testing including finger printing using an FTIR to ensure that the starting ingredients are of the highest quality. Every step of the manufacturing process is documented with dates and times. each step is checked by the first person and then verified by a second person. All these process are monitored by Quality assurance (QA). We have completed tranceability of a product. A product that has only one active ingredient goes through a battery of at least 50 quality checks before it is shipped to the customer. The number of test exponentially increase when the number of active ingredients increase. We have been audited by several of our customers quality departments and have always come out with flying colors.

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