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Weihai Baihe Biology Technological Co., Ltd._Contract Manufacturing

Production Capacity

Capacity of Production With the development of the company, the production scale is constantly expanding, successively introduced a large number of production equipment and packaging equipment from home and abroad and constantly enhance the automation level of the equipment so as to meet the customer's requirements on the products.

  1. Softgel 17 softgel encapsulation production lines Annual capacity of softgels and paintballs: 6 billion pieces
  2. Hard capsule Fully automatic capsule filling machines: 3 sets Annual capacity: 1 billion pieces
  3. Tablet Tablet machines: 5 sets Annual capacity: 1.2 billion pieces
  4. DHA micro capsule Spray drying machine imported from Denmark: 1 set Annual capacity: 200 metric tons 5, Cosmetics Large emulsifying machines and packaging equipment: over 10 sets Annual capacity: 400 metric tons
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