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Socius – Proform


Achieving desirable flavor and texture over the shelf life of protein fortified foods is a challenge for food manufacturers. Socius has designed and developed the Proform series of milk proteins to provide food manufacturers tools to control and optimize product texture, mouth feel and nutritional profile in a cost effective manner. Bars The primary ingredient components of a bar consists of proteins, carbohydrates (syrups & sugar alcohols) and lipids. The relative percentage of each ingredient class can vary depending on final composition requirements (e.g. low fat and/or low carb) but protein contents are typically 20% to 40% of the bar. Texture is largely dictated by the protein component of the bar. Protein type, concentration as well as powder physical properties are, in turn, the key characteristics that influence texture development in bars. Milk proteins are well known for their high biological value, excellent flavor profile and functional characteristics. While there can be considerable intra protein variation the texture characteristics contributed by standard milk protein products is well known. The different protein types contribute different textural attributes to the bar and also vary in the manner in which they impact the development of hardness during the shelf life of the bar. Proform 10 is designed to minimize hardness development thus extending bar shelf life. It provides a desirable soft and short texture with a very clean milky flavor. Proform 30 del

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