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Provitas™ LLC technology and capabilities may be applied to all of our pure USP oil soluble nutrients.

Liquid Encapsulates - oil soluble nutrients are micro-encapsulated to provide clear solubility and added positional & chemical stability. Branded as Nutrassential™, micro-encapsulates are uniquely designed for clear beverages and for nutrients with poor stability.

Liquid Emulsions - simple emulsions of oil soluble nutrients that easily disperse into a cloudy emulsion and offer great positional and chemical stability. Branded as Provitas™, liquid emulsions are most commonly used to fortify milk and dairy foods.

Oil Blends - standard and custom dilutions of oil soluble nutrients are formulated to ready-to-use concentrations for dietary supplement liquid capsules and fortification of food fats & oils.

Soluble Powders - Nutrassential™ liquid encapsulates are dried on a carrier resulting in a soluble powder that dissolves into clear solution. Nutrassential™ branded soluble powders are ideal for fortifying drinking water & transparent beverages or for protecting nutrients with poor stability in a powder form.

Adsorbate Powders - Provitas™ concentrated powders are ideal for fortifying dietary supplements and foods where high concentration or low inclusion are important and water solubility is not a concern.

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