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pTeroPure - ChromaDex


What is pTeroPure®? undefined pTeroPure®, also known as pterostilbene (pronounced tero-STILL-bean), is closely related to resveratrol. Although similar in structure, pterostilbene offers the following advantages over resveratrol: Superior bioavailability Significantly longer half-life Greater cellular uptake Greater oral absorption and metabolic stability What makes pterostilbene unique from resveratrol? Pterostilbene is more bioavailable than resveratrol.1, 2 . While structurally related to resveratrol, pterostilbene differs from resveratrol by having an additional molecular group that increases its affinity for fats. This structural difference results in improved bioavailability by reducing its susceptibility to first pass metabolism in the intestinal cells and liver.3 . In a comparative pharmacokinetic animal study of oral resveratrol vs. pterostilbene, pterostilbene was about 80% bioavailable as compared to just over 20% for resveratrol.1 Pterostilbene was also found to be more effective in enhancing cellular antioxidant capacity, when compared to resveratrol, in mice.4

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