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PTZ-S - Pharma Test

Disintegration Tester - PharmaTest

The most basic and cost effective instrument in the Tablet, Capsule and Soft Gel Disintegration Tester range which is ideal for limited budgets. The PTZ-S conforms to the latest specifications of USP <701> for Tablets and Capsules as well as USP <2040> for Dietary Supplement Testing. We offer both Apparatus A - six sample baskets and Apparatus B - three sample baskets with USP fluted disks. With an ultra-quiet, vibration free operation, the PTZS can be programmed to run for pre-set times with a digital display for the elapsed test time. 


Fully USP <701/2040> and EP <2.9.1> compliant 

Single station, cost-effective simple operation

Stainless steel housing

Clear-view Plexiglass water bath for excellent visibility of samples

Quiet and vibration free 

Water circulation system fully protected from overheating

Includes IQOQ documentation with a 2 year warranty

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