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Fully Water Soluble!

PurCL™ organic turmeric extract is perfect for beverages, stick packs, or effervescent tablets looking to add this emerging functional flavor! Unlike concentrates or juices, PurCL™ organic turmeric extract is fully water soluble and will not settle or cause other undesired textures like cloudiness or particulates. 

Shelf Stable Organic Extract

The cost of shipping a frozen or refrigerated juice is often more than 12X that of a shelf stable powdered extract. Additionally storage requirements of frozen materials is expensive and limited. With PurCL™ organic turmeric extract, you can eliminate frozen shipping and storage as it has a two year shelf life rather than a few days after thawing of a juiced-based ingredient.  

100% Organic, NON-GMO

“Not a whole food?” PurCL™ truly is organic turmeric, it simply utilizes a different type of extraction than a pressed or juiced concentrate. The net result is very similar but the difference is in the extraction technology and capabilities that can more accurately isolate the active components, called curcuminoids.

Saves Time & Cost in Formulation

PurCL™ organic turmeric extract is consistent in formulation and easy to take to scale. Because it is a standardized extract, manufacturers can provide consistent product flavor and nutritional benefits from turmeric.

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