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What is PURENERGY®? undefined PURENERGY® is a co-crystal that combines caffeine and pTeroPure®. The co-crystal links the two molecules together which impacts the way our bodies utilize the molecules individually --- thus providing a true synergistic effect. According to a recent human study: PURENERGY® delivers 30% more caffeine into the bloodstream than ordinary caffeine. At 6 hours, there is 51% more caffeine from PURENERGY® than ordinary caffeine. The half-life of caffeine in PURENERGY® is extended by nearly 25%. Why is PURENERGY® so revolutionary? PURENERGY® allows us to reimagine how we energize throughout the day. With PURENERGY®, consumer products can be finely tuned for the ideal sensory and energy experience. PURENERGY® is much more than caffeine as it also contains pTeroPure® which provides additional benefits.

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