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Purification | KinOmega Biopharm Inc


Purification Supported by KinOmega Biopharm’s strong R&D background and decade experience in purification and concentration of marine Omega-3 EPA/DHA fatty acids, and the close cooperation with the experts in this industry, combining with the most up-to-date purification facility, we have successfully developed a proprietary purification technology to produce the ultra-pure Omega-3 oil with quality difference. Unique and Proprietary Purification Technologies to Remove the Heavy Metals, Pesticides, PCBs and Dioxins. In typical and traditional refinery and concentration of marine Omega-3 EPA/DHA, it is very hard to remove and control the environmental pollutants, such as heavy metals (As, Pb, Hg and Cd), Pesticides, PCBs and Dioxins. At the time of concentrating the Omega-3 EPA/DHA profile, these pollutants are concentrated and retained in the concentrated oil; which severely harm consumer health. In KinOmega’s process, we use our unique and proprietary purification technologies to remove these pollutant impurity matters. Each pollutant is carefully and separately analyzed and preceded as per its chemical structures and properties. Our Proprietary Technology designs corresponding process and steps to remove the heavy metals, Pesticides, PCBs and Dioxins. Through third party testing and monitoring, our KinOmega oil is totally mercury-free, together with the other excellent parameters, which are far lower than all known standards in the world. Gentle and Extra Process

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