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Protein 870

80% pea protein designed for high solubility, high functionality, excellent dispersibility and mouthfeel. Its small particle size is perfect for protein powders, dry beverage blends, ready-to-drink products, meat alternatives, vegan spreads, and emulsified products. Available in organic and low sodium.

Protein 860

80% pea protein designed for applications where low viscosity and low water-hold are required. Ideal for nutrition bars (extruded or slab), acidic beverages and low-pH products. Available in organic.

Protein 870H

Hydrolyzed 80% pea protein designed for applications where low water-hold and low viscosity protein is required. 870H has a neutral pH with great extrusion properties, ideal for cereals, crisps, protein bars, and high inclusion ready-to-drink protein beverages. Available in organic.


Taste the future of plant-based protein. PURIS Pea protein powder combines creamy, delicious flavor, smooth mouthfeel, and a clean finish with an astounding 80% protein content. PURIS Pea creates super-high-protein foods without altering their flavor, a perfect complement to common ingredients in a wide array of applications. 

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