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PurTea® organic green tea caffeine is a new botanical ingredient designed for use in natural energy beverages and supplements. PurTea® has a purified catechin stream that removes certain compounds that not only create negative sensory attributes but also may reduce the overall absorption of functional benefits within the body.

PurTea® Organic Green Tea Caffeine has two dynamic specifications:

  • 90% caffeine, or
  • 30% Caffeine and 20% catechins (Optimum serving of both caffeine and antioxidants)

What makes PurTea® organic green tea extract so special?

PurTea® organic green tea extract is water soluble and has less bitterness/astringency so it is easier to formulate within beverages. Furthermore, PurTea’s unique extraction process removes some of the more difficult compounds naturally found in tea that make beverage formulations challenging. PurTea® was developed to provide a pure healthy source of energy and antioxidants.

“Applied Food Sciences selects only the finest organic tea leaves, free from pesticides and other harsh chemicals conventionally used in processing,” says Chris Fields, VP of Scientific Affairs at Applied Food Sciences. “What makes PurTea® organic green tea extract most unique is how we purify our catechin stream to remove impurities that not only create negative sensory attributes but may reduce the overall absorption of the catechins within the body. These catechins, when combined with the naturally occurring caffeine, can result in an enhanced energy source that is much more desirable to formulate within beverages.”

Another big point of differentiation in PurTea® organic green tea extract is that it is certified organic. With so much scrutiny over the definition of what determines a “natural ingredient”, consumers are becoming increasingly skeptical of what is inside the products they purchase. Many product makers are finding that certified organic ingredients are well-defined and thus easier to promote in bridging that gap of trust between consumers and their brands.

“Applied Food Sciences has a goal to genuinely fit a ‘Clean Label’ definition,” explains Jackson Zapp, VP of Innovation at Applied Food Sciences. “That is why at Applied Food Sciences we have continued to pioneer organic extraction methods to help eliminate any questions about quality or safety. Our PurTea® organic green tea extract is another great example of a naturally-sourced energy ingredient that consumers can recognize and trust.”

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