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Spray-dried Inactivated Cells of Lactobacillus reuteri

About Pylopass®

Maintaining the integrity of the stomach lining is essential for promoting upper GI health. Unfortunately, this delicate lining is compromised in a great number of people.

Pyloplass® provides a unique solution. It is made from a proprietary strain of Lactobacillus reuteri, which was identified after an extensive, multi-year screening process of 8,000 different food grade strains for its unique ability to “hook and remove™” foreign invaders in the stomach.

Two human clinical trials of Pyloplass®, utilizing the Urea Breath Test, found it was effective in reducing the amount of carbon dioxide in the breath, providing evidence of a more favorable stomach environment for the person.*[ii] Excess carbon dioxide is an indicator that urea is broken down by the foreign invader (into ammonia and carbon dioxide) in order to create a pH-neutral environment for it to survive. Therefore, a decrease of exhaled carbon dioxide indicates better stomach health.

Unlike probiotics, Pylopass® consists of inactivated cells that do not need temperature controls during shipping and storage. Pylopass® is also effective in the harsh environment of the stomach because its action is based solely on its structure — not the number of colony forming units.

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