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Ensign Group International EGI


QUALITY ASSURANCE Frequent inspections for the highest quality products With full-time EGI employees working in two established offices in China, EGI manages hundreds of projects each month and will help you take advantage of low overseas labor costs—without sacrificing the value or reliable supply of your product. Our quality assurance methods adhere to the highest standards. We educate our staff about what the customer wants and expects. We’ve found that frequent quality control inspections eliminate surprises and produce a better product. Here are some of our quality assurance procedures: Each product is inspected by an EGI staff member 2-3 times before completion We ensure the product specs are being met to compliance We scrutinize everything from the paint color to measurements and uniformity Products are not shipped until they have been inspected We again inspect finished products when they arrive in the US Take a look at how the final step of delivery works here.

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