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Quality Assurance

At ELITE ONE SOURCE® we strive to exceed your expectations by providing the highest level quality services. Thorough inspections are performed from the moment materials arrive until the finished product is completed and subsequently released.

Combining advanced technology with our experience and expertise provides you with fast lead times for products that are effective, innovative and cost competitive.

Incoming materials are inspected for all key attributes prior to release to manufacturing. During the manufacturing process operators check their product and analyze the data using Statistical Process Control. Finished products are tested to your specifications and a Certificate of Analysis is provided with your shipment.

Testing takes place in our state of the art laboratories. Having an onsite laboratory ensures your product is tested to your specifications in a timely manner to meet your delivery requirements.

Once your lot of product has completed testing and has been released it is prepared for shipment. It is inspected one final time to ensure the shipment is prepared to your requirements.

EOS maintains GMP certification with NSF who audits the facility two times every year. Additionally each functional area is internally audited annually to cGMPs, and we welcome your external auditors for GMP visits. Our extensive Corrective and Preventative Action management program ensures continuous improvement in day-to-day operations.

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