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Xunda Refined Fish Oil - TG,Xunda Refined Fish Oil - EE

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance XUNDA Quality Assurance System plays an important role in assuring that the company can provide quality refined fish oil and services expected by its customers. We had got the certificate of ISO9001, and ISO14000 for environmental control. Raw material – is come from the deep-sea fish species mainly in south Pacific and north Altantic coasts, such as Peru, Chile and Canada. which are the cleanest ocean areas in the world. The crude fish oil from above coasts means the lowest level of PCB, dioxins and organic pesticides residual. It is also benefit to us to product high quality finished products. In Process control Peroxide value: we set up the efficient method to control the PV of our fish oil keep below 5meq/kg during shelf life. Heavy metals: as our efficient technology and low contamination crude fish oil,As,Lead,Mercury and Cd of our fish oil is below 0.1ppm. EPA,DHA content and ratio: we adopt stringent and systematical process testing to ensure it.

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