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SiliCycle R&D Services

R&D Services

SiliCycle R&D Services We thrive on making your projects come to life We listen. We understand. We work with you. We are flexible, commited, reliable, innovative, fast & affordable. Our objective: reinvesting our experts’ talent in your very own expertise. Assistance to start-ups & young tech companies. Wide range of services offered. One Partner: SiliCycle SiliCycle is devoted to serving the global chemical & pharmaceutical industry and constantly focuses on quality. SiliCycle is a leading service provider, offering turnkey solutions based on its long expertise in organic chemistry, catalysis, material science and analytical chemistry. We are recognized worldwide for the development, the manufacturing and the commercialization of high value silica-based and specialty products for chromatography, analytical and organic chemistry. Overview of Our Services We offer high-throughput R&D services to pharmaceutical, medicinal & combinatorial industries, to drug discovery, development & manufacturing markets, to analytical, clinical & QC labs, official organizations as well as academic & government institutions. Our R&D Services are categorized into 7 streams: Metal & Organic Scavenging Screenings - Best Screening Conditions Evaluation - Process Scaling-Up & Transfer to Production Synthetic Chemistry Services - Custom Chemical Synthesis - Catalysis Services - Process Services Separation Center -

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