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100% USA California Origin, Stable Anthocyanin System, Coloring Foods in EU

Red 8000 & Purple 8000

In 1996 we added the production of red grape concentrates and dark red grape concentrates (Red 8,000 and Purple 8,000) to our portfolio.

Recommendations for Winery Customers

Use Red 8,000 & Purple 8,000 to increase depth of color through the presence of di-glucoside anthocyanins.  Use it to increase body or mouthfeel through the presence of sugar and tannins/phenolics


Starting Dosage

Typical dosage rates are 0.1% - 1.0%, depending on the intended color


- 0.3% for a typical rose type wine

- 0.7% for a typical red wine

- Up to 1% for a deeply colored Cabernet

All dosages are assuming that the wine base is lightly colored


Impact on Residual Sugar (RS)

-Red and Purple 8,000 contain grape sugars and will add 0.056 RS per 0.1% dosed

- At a dosage of about 0.5%, the increased RS is noticeable and needs to be taken into consideration


Addition to wine

-To increase color, add prior to final (sterile) filtration

-To increase complexity and reduce sweetness, add prior to fermentation

-Simply circulate wine to mix color

  • 100% USA California Origin
  • Made from Rubired Grapes
  • Most Stable Fruit Anthocyanin System
  • Fruit Juice Color in US and coloring Foods in EU
  • Meets FDA & JECFA Juice Criteria


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