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Reddi-Sponge® - dough developers

Reddi-Sponge® dough developers reduce mix time and relax dough. Reddi-Sponge® contributes milk solids for enhanced flavor, color, and extended shelf life.


– Frozen doughs
– Bread (wide variety)
– Rolls
– Sweet yeast doughs
– Specialties (croissants, bagels, pita, yeast raised donuts)

Agropur Ingredients’ knowledge of bakery technology makes our Reddi-sponge® dough developer line compatible with your favorite dough recipe. The variety of formulations allows your dough to be exactly what you dreamed.

With the ability to reduce your mixing time by up to 40%, you’ll be able to spend more time doing the things you love and less time on the steps getting you there.


– Reduce mix time
– Eliminate the need for fermentation
– Relaxes dough
– Enhances flavor
– Extends shelf life
– Improves machinability

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