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REMTEX - Enzyme Modified Eggs - Rembrandt Foods

REMTEX - Enzyme Modified Eggs

REMTEX Rembrandt Foods® offers a variety of enzyme modified egg yolk products and blends for yolk and whole egg in a dried egg form. Our REMTEX products are designed to obtain optimal functionality at a lower usage level for your sauce and baked good applications. Our enzyme modified REMTEX products are treated with phospholipase and then dried to maximize production efficiencies. These products improve the emulsion process, allowing the finished product to have increased stability in both heated and frozen environments. Mayonnaise The benefits of our REMTEX products include: • Improved emulsion •

Emulsions with smaller droplet size for increased stability • Heat stability • Increased viscosity • Freeze/thaw stability • Extended shelf life (increased product stability) Storage & Shelf Life: Depending on the product, shelf life ranges from 12 months to 24 months when stored at an ambient temperature (maximum temperature of 70°F), with a maximum humidity of 65%. Once product is reconstituted, it must be used immediately or refrigerated for no more than 4 days.

Please check with your sales representative on product availability and pack size options or download PDF for more information. Products: Enzyme Modified • REMTEX CS Enzyme Modified Dried Egg Product – Contains egg yolk powder, salt, corn syrup solids, and phospholipase. Works great for sauce applications. Download PDF for more information. • REMTEX 455 Enzyme Modified Dried Egg

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