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Naturalness and transparency are key for today’s consumers. One of their greatest concerns globally relate to what they don’t understand or can’t see or taste, such as GMO’s, and many want to see related statements on the label to know that their concerns have been addressed. On a global scale, clean traits such as "no artificial ingredients", "no preservatives" and "contains only natural ingredients" get high scores on the shopper’s wish list equally to core drivers such as nutrition and taste (>60%). (HealthFocus International - Study "Clean And Green Around The World", 2015). Clean label has moved past being a trend, it is the new rule.

BENEO developed a new technology to enhance the functional properties of native rice starch. Thanks to this process, native rice starch achieves performance levels comparable to chemically modified food starches without using any chemicals. The combination of rice origin and this new technology gives food manufacturers the opportunity to create unique textures and excellent product stability under harsh processing conditions (low pH, high temperature, high shear) with the sole use of clean label rice starch and without the need to go for other label-unfriendly functional ingredients (e.g. additives like modified food starches and gums).

Remypure works very well in:

  • Soups and sauces
  • Fruit preparations
  • Baby food jars
  • Dairy desserts
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