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Research & Development

BIO-CAT’s R&D provides innovative support to our customers in the following areas:

  • Awareness of the wide array of enzymes that we sell including activities, side-activities, and precise understanding of pH, temperature, and time requirements for best functionality
  • Knowledge of how enzymes function together as enzyme blends, an understanding that BIO-CAT possesses that surpasses all other enzyme companies in the world
  • Understanding of how enzymes provide unique benefits to the industry in areas that matter to you including dietary supplements, animal feed, food, detergents, and waste treatment

BIO-CAT’s R&D is divided into four categories to best serve our customers now and into the future by providing the following research programs:

  • Basic Research: Look for enzymatic solutions for problems in human health and explore groundbreaking ideas for novel use of enzymes across the board as well as advance the borders of science in understanding the benefits of supplemental enzymes to human and animal nutrition. An example of this is our patented enzyme treatment to naturally lower human serum triglycerides, the first medication of its kind in the world.
  • Product Development: BIO-CAT is always looking at new enzyme possibilities that bring improved performance in traditional enzyme areas as well as looking at novel enzymes that offer entirely new health benefits or processing alternatives. We look at niche enzymes that other companies are not aware of because of our expertise, capabilities, and connections with all that is happening globally with enzymes.
  • Applications Development: Many enzyme companies have no applications knowledge or good knowledge of a few areas. BIO-CAT stressed extensive knowledge in a multitude of areas because knowledge of one area provides new ideas for other seemingly different areas and because our loyal customers rely on us to guide them in the best use of enzymes for every phase of their processing to achieve the world class products they need for their customers.
  • Technical Support: BIO-CAT over a quarter century has established itself as the most customer focused enzyme company and R&D plays its part by providing individually tailored guidance and support as you use enzymes to achieve your product goals. We will walk you through every step of the way as well as provide totally new ideas for your consideration for traditional challenges. We will also carry out experiments to provide the necessary data specifically for your production conditions.
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