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Product Research & Development | Food Processing R&D

Research & Development

Product Research & Development R&D Even for a food manufacturing company, food product research and development is not always an easy process. A food production company often has facilities designed only for long production runs, not the small batches needed during the testing phase of development. That, in addition to the fact that PacMoore protects its customers by refusing to create its own products and brands that would compete with them, is why many leading food developers rely on PacMoore as a food development contract manufacturing partner. As one of the top food product development companies, PacMoore has the personnel, equipment, experience and willingness to work with you side by side to run trials and fine-tune ingredients and processes until we achieve the results you want. Since we are in the contract food development business, we are set up to handle the frequent small batches and short runs necessary for the fine-tuning stage of food product development. After the pilot phase, we move to full-scale runs that assist you in bringing the new products to consumers.

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