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Rousselot ProTake

With ProTake, a nutritional, porcine- or bovine- based protein source, you can add value to your food products in a simple way. A pure protein, ProTake can be used to reach high protein levels in products.  

  • ProTake is a hydrolyzed gelatin of porcine or bovine origin, containing 90% protein.  
  • With ProTake you can reach a higher total protein content than with any other single-source protein, due to its ease of formulation and excellent organoleptic properties.
  • ProTake is a high-quality protein source that is perfect for protein enrichment in protein blends. 
  • ProTake has a unique amino acid composition: it contains 18 different amino acids, including eight of the nine amino acids that are essential for the human body.
  • Clean label: ProTake is a food ingredient (no e-number) and is not subject to specific authorization and safety evaluation regulations. It can be incorporated in clean label products.
  • ProTake is easy to integrate, offers high solubility  and neutral organoleptic properties. 
  • ProTake fits all applications, from bars and beverage to soups, dairy applications, sports powders and more.
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