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New Whey Protein Shake Flavours

Protein shakes more popular than ever
Whey protein shakes have been popular with gym-goers and elite athletes for years. Now health-conscious consumers are also turning to them, often as a meal replacement or weight-loss tool. They use satiating and nutrition-dense whey protein to replace high-calorie foods.

You asked, we listened
You asked us to develop a protein shake ingredient that could offer a wider range of flavours with a more refreshing taste, and we listened. Here at Arla Foods Ingredients, our Research and Development team has been working hard to come up with a whey protein ingredient that not only widens the flavour selection, but is clear in solution, too. We’ve made this possible with Lacprodan® ClearShake.

Traditionally, protein shakes are milky in appearance and taste. As a result, whey protein powders usually come in flavours like chocolate, strawberry, banana or vanilla. These traditional milk-based flavours tend to have a heavy mouthfeel and taste. Imagine you’ve just finished a workout at the gym or a ten-kilometre run in the sun – wouldn’t you prefer to quench your thirst with a more refreshing drink?

The thirst quencher
When we seek hydration, water is typically our go-to option. But when we also want to rebuild our muscles, we need a little more. So it makes sense to offer a protein shake that meets both needs – hydration and muscle repair. A clear protein shake that is light, great-tasting, refreshing and hydrating.

Our new protein shake ingredient, Lacprodan® ClearShake, goes against the grain and allows you to formulate shake flavours that were previously unavailable – from refreshing citrus tangs like lemon, grapefruit and blood orange to summer favourites like raspberries and peaches.

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