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Say goodbye to the taste of protein in clear protein powders and drinks

Clear protein drinks without compromise
With good nutrition as a top priority for many of today’s consumers, functional, high-protein products are more appealing than ever. Until now, protein beverages have succeeded in delivering the nutritional benefits, but issues around taste and mouthfeel have challenged product developers. 

Say goodbye to the taste of protein
It’s time to stop compromising! Whether you’re looking to create a clear, ready-to-drink protein beverage or a shake, we’ve got just what you need - helping you to meet consumer expectations surrounding taste, mouthfeel, appearance and high-quality protein content. 

Shake up a great new taste! 
Imagine being able to offer a ready-to-mix powder shake that quickly delivers a translucent, refreshing high-protein water experience – one that  tastes great and which won’t leave a dry mouth feel. It’s a welcome addition to a hard workout on a hot day – or as a satisfying, nutritious drink for those who find ordinary protein shakes aren’t what they’re looking for. 

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