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With the ability to alternate between five milling solutions in seconds, the Quadro®/Fitzpatrick Scalable Lab System™(SLS) allows you to transfer results from small-sample R&D tests to full-scale production.

Industry experts associated with new product development must keep several things in mind, first and foremost being that they need to make certain any equipment selected at the laboratory stage can be transferred to a production-scale model. Larger capacity models must possess the same technology in order to achieve desired results in the final product.

This challenge can now be handled more effectively with the introduction of the Quadro / Fitzpatrick SLS – Scalable Lab System™. Also, it can accomplish this feat with only nominal variances in particle size distributions. Interchangeable size reduction heads on the single-platform SLS ensure that during trials, the lab-scale technology is easily duplicated at volumes typical to production-scale equipment; the only additional requirement being a straightforward transfer of operating parameters.

The material processing technologies and primary size reduction capabilities most often used in oral solid dosage processing are incorporated into the Quadro / Fitzpatrick SLS – Scalable Lab System™, making it the ideal material processing technology for security screeners, hammer mills, and conical mills.

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