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SCP-II – Guzen Development


SCP-II: Salmon Collagen Proteoglycan Complex We believe SCP-II to be the new generation of joint and skin health. SCP-II is special because not only does it provide undenatured type II collagen, but it also provides proteoglycans, both which make up cartilage in joints. SCP-II is naturally produced from salmon nasal cartilage in Hokkaido, Japan and contains perfectly balanced proteoglycan (35%) and undenatured type II collagen (40%). We especially love our SCP-II because it is sustainably and ethically sourced: it comes from the head of wild-caught salmon that would otherwise be thrown away! Benefits Benefits for Joint Mobility Demonstrated efficacy against knee joint pain through reducing inflammation Supports production of collagen Aids in lubrication and flexibility of joints Promotes production of hyaluronic acid, reducing pain and stiffness Benefits for Skin Improved moisture retention – 1.3 times that of hyaluronic acid Reduces wrinkles, brightens skin, tightens skin Smooths out rough patches Diminishes pores and blotches Promotes production of collagen and hyaluronic acid

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