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SeaKlear | Primex


sEaKlear 4-in-1 Natural Water Treatment for Hot Tubs and Pools SeaKlear_logo_ScreenPrimex proudly produces a unique, certified natural, water treatment for swimming pools and hot tubs. By using a natural water clarifier you are helping keep our environment safe, saving on your chlorine expenses - as well as enjoying the crystal clear water of your pool or hot tub! Clear water increases visibility and the safety of those enjoying comfort of a nice swimming pool or hot tub. Why use water treatment? Because preventing these common problems is better and more cost effective than worrying about them. Cloudy water Sea-Klear® got its name from its ability to clear hazy sea water for underwater photography. You've never seen truly clear water until you've seen Sea-Klear® water. Chlorine smell Sea-Klear® reduces the formation of chloramines, the chemical in your water that burns your eyes and annoys your nose. Oils & Lotions Sea-Klear® encapsulates body oils and cosmetics, and prevents them from combining with soaps and swimmer wastes to form unsightly scum deposits. Messy Filters Sea-Klear® does wonders for cartridge, sand and D.E. filters. Your filter won't clog up with oils and lotions. It will stay like new as it works better and lasts longer between changes.

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