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Separation and Filtration | Microencapsulation, Spray Drying | AVEKA

Separation and Filtration

Separation and filtration processing is used to separate materials from a slurry based on size, density or molecular weight. There are several methods and processing setups for slurry filtration. AVEKA uses decanters, cross-flow ceramic membranes and spiral-wound membranes to conduct separation processing for food grade materials. A variety of membranes are available in-house, or we can procure specific membranes as needed. A decanter is a horizontal, high-speed centrifuge that employs a high-rotational speed to separate components, clarify a liquid slurry or de-water insoluble materials. Centrifugal forces cause sedimentation of the solids and the internal auger conveys the solids out of the decanter, opposite the clarified liquid. Decanting is frequently used for separation of bulk solids or to pre-process liquids for membrane filtration.