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Fatty Acid Analysis | Bacterial ID | MIDI Inc.

Sherlock™ Microbial ID System

Sherlock™ Microbial ID System: Bacteria and Yeast ID by Fatty Acid Analysis Shimadzu Instrument Support Sherlock CAS - Fatty Acid Analysis Sherlock CAS - Microbial ID Agilent Instrument Support Sherlock MIS - Fatty Acid Analysis Sherlock MIS - Microbial ID MIS Libraries MIS Literature MYCO-LCS - Mycobacteria ID MYCO-LCS Libraries MYCO-LCS Literature Sherlock X Fire Debris Analysis Pharma QC | E-FAME Kit Specification Sheet (EFAME) Lab Preparation Sheet (EFAME) Microbial ID | Traditional Extraction Specification Sheet (Traditional) Lab Preparation Sheet (Traditional) Soil The Sherlock™ Microbial Identification System (MIS) was launched in 1991 and represents a rapid, accurate and inexpensive solution for the identification of over 1,500 microbial species, fatty acids and PLFAs by GC-FAME analysis. The Sherlock MIS is recognized by the U.S. CDC for the identification of aerobic bacteria and is AOAC INTERNATIONAL cleared for the identification of Bacillus anthracis, the anthrax pathogen. The Sherlock MIS was created for ease of us, so no GC experience is necessary. In 2007 MIDI released Sherlock Instant FAME™ (I-FAME), a base-catalyzed GC-FAME extraction and analysis method. I-FAME is most useful for extraction and analysis of fatty acids from edible oils, marine oils and biofuel feedstocks. It can also be used for Gram-positive environmental aerobes. The turnaround time (TAT) f

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