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About ShiroQ

ShiroQ is a highly stable, water-soluble form of ubiquinol (the reduced version of Coenzyme Q10).

Until recently, ubiquinol was only available as an oil dispersion in soft gel form. A breakthrough in ubiquinol delivery, ShiroQ overcomes the formulating barriers of regular oil-based ubiquinol with these unique characteristics:

Highly stable, maintaining 99.8% of its ubiquinol content after three months when stored in a deoxygenated environment at 104° F and 94.6% of its ubiquinol content after three months when stored in room air at the same temperature.

Water-soluble, making it easily dispersible in water. Its enviable solubility is due to its extremely small particle size: a diameter no more than 100 nanometers when dispersed in water (compared with 5077 ±2252 nm and 7549 ±3508 nm for other water-soluble ubiquinol ingredients).

Versatile, being suitable for inclusion in beverages, foods, tablets, stick packs and capsules.

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