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SiliaCat is the new heterogeneous catalysts family from Silicycle. It is made by using an innovative technology that confers these materials advantageous properties for catalysis. SiliaCat is an organically modified silica made by a proprietary encapsulation process resulting in a new chemical matrix structure.1

SiliaCat is a leach-proof organoceramic matrix with high catalyst loading and surface area that provides high turn over number (TON).

Advantages of using SiliaCat heterogeneous catalysts over competitive products include:

  • High stability
  • Rigid & Porous Structure (no swelling)
  • Compatibility with a wide range of solvents
  • Ease of use: no swelling or static charge
  • Leach-proof
  • High turnover number (TON)
  • Fast kinetics
  • Accurate loading

Inspired by the ORganically MOdified SILica (ORMOSIL) technology, the SiliaCat family is composed by new and innovative catalysts. Resulting from the co-condensation of two organosilane monomers by the sol-gel process (confer condensation mechanism below), the hybrid organic-inorganic materials present the highest stability and reactivity available with heterogeneous catalysts. Furthermore, the high cross linked framework presents an unmatched resistance, significantly better than the usual post-synthesis functionalized ligand.

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