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SiliCycle MiniBlock® Family

Multifunctional synthesis platforms

Originally designed by chemists and engineers at Bristol-Myers Squibb, the SiliCycle MiniBlock® Family has been further developed to address a wide range of chemistry methodologies and meet your project deadlines!

  • Solution & Solid-Phase Synthesis
  • Peptide Synthesis
  • Library Synthesis / Combinatorial Chemistry
  • Multi-Step Synthesis
  • Screenings
  • Scavenging Studies
  • Reflux and Inerting
  • Parallel Purification & Filtration

The SiliCycle MiniBlock Family is widely used by chemists in the pharmaceutical, academic, biopharma, chemical, petrochemical and polymer industries. The flexibility of the design allows chemists to rapidly configure these compact parallel reactors to fit the needs of their chemistry, whether it requires inert conditions, refluxing or cooling, allowing complete freedom to choose a synthetic route.

Furthermore, these easy-to-use reaction blocks are specially designed for parallel synthesis and screening reactions. They enable you to achieve multiple reactions simultaneously, using similar amounts of time, energy and starting materials, as it would usually require for a single experiment.

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