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沃德药业 - Liver Health From LIVERD


Silybin IntroductionSilybin, also known as Silibinin (INN), is the major active constituent of silymarin, got from Silymarin refined. Silibinin itself is mixture of two diastereomers, silybin A and silybin B, in approximately equimolar ratio. Both in vitro and animal research suggest that silibinin has hepatoprotective (antihepatotoxic) properties that protect liver cells against toxins. Silibinin has also demonstrated in vitro anti-cancer effects against human prostate adenocarcinoma cells, estrogen-dependent and -independent human breast carcinoma cells, human ectocervical carcinoma cells, human colon cancer cells, and both small and nonsmall human lung carcinoma cells. Silybinin, is the main raw material of Silybin Medicinal derivatives synthesis. SolubilityIt can be soluble in the organic solvent, such as Methanol, Ethanol, Acetone and so on, but not soluble in water. Molecular Weight482.47g/mol Molecular FormulaC25H22O10 CAS22888-70-6 Package15KG in double polyethylene bags in cardboard drum. StorageIn Tight, Light-resistant and Dry Place. Avoid Direct Sunshine. Shelf LifeTwo Years.

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