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沃德药业 - Liver Health From LIVERD

Silybum Marianum Oil

Silybum Marianum Oil IntroductionMilk Thistle Oil is got from Milk Thistle Seed Raw Squeezed, and this process of cold pressing can protect the nutritional ingredients of silybum marinum in its fullest, meanwhile, doesn’t bring any chemical solvents into oil. LIVERD has stablished one product line for the Milk Thistle Oil, the produce ability per day is 30 Tons, the annual output will reach more than ten thousand tons. The main ingredients of Milk Thistle Oil is unsaturated fatty acid which is the needed by everyone, main components as follows: Linoleic Acid 29%-60%, Palmitic acid 7%-11%, Myristic acid, Palmitoleic acid, Linolenic acid, Arachidic acid, Behenic acid and so on. The high content of Linoleic acid which can make cholesterol to lower, prevent hardening of the arteries. So, Milk Thistle Oil is a kind of new resource edible oil which is edible and medicinal. Digestive value for Milk Thistle Oil:The main ingredients of Milk Thistle Oil is unsaturated fatty acid, which is the essential for the body, If do the reasonable proportion with other edible oil, it will has more effects of nutritional health care, and delicious in taste, keeping fit and prolonging life. Medicinal value for Milk Thistle Oil:There is high content of linoleic acid in Milk Thistle Oil, which have the effects of cholesterol lowing and preventing hardening of the arteries.

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