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Sinetrol - Fat Shredding technology - weight management

Sinetrol® I Weight Management

Sinetrol® is a citrus extract standardized in polyphenols and clinically proven to reduce the excess of fat mass. The action of Sinetrol® relies on its unique and patented mechanism of action, the Fat Shredding Technology®: the active compounds of Sinetrol® naturally enhances the release of free fatty acids from the fat cells; triglycerides stored in excess in the adipocytes are cut into free fatty acids + glycerol which are then released into the plasma to be burned by the metabolism. 

3 clinical studies (double-blind, randomized and placebo-controlled) have been run on Sinetrol®:

Clinical study #1, pilot, on 20 overweight and obese subjects, 3 months with no diet and a physical activity limited to 30mins/week: 

  • Body weight loss of an average 5,6 kg
  • Decrease of 22% of the total fat mass of the subjects

Published in Phytomedecine in 2009.

Clinical study #2, run on 95 overweight subjects, 3 months with no diet and a physical activity limited to 30mins/week: 

  • Body weight loss of an average 2,6 kg
  • Subjects dropped an average 10% of their abdominal fat mass
  • Waist size and Hip size were reduced of an average 5 cm each

Published in Phytotherapy research in 2013.

Clinical study #3, run on 77 overweight and obese subjects with a normal diet and no recommendation of physical activity. It confirms the body weight loss benefits and provides more information: 

  • Subjects drop an average 63% of their excess of body fat mass
  • Not only subjects lose weight but they also significantly gain lean mass, which contributed to the improvement of their body composition
  • Subjects under Sinetrol increase their resting energy expenditure by 180 kcal/day

This clinical study is publication pending. 

Sinetrol® is available in two grades for your product developments: 

  • Sinetrol® Xpur, powder for tablets and capsules, recommended daily dosage is 900 mg/day
  • Sinetrol® Xpur EZ, water soluble powder for sachets or functional beverages, recommended daily dosage is 1400 mg/day
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