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Single Chamber Flip Cap Design

Single Chamber Flip Cap Design

  • This design is for a single chamber flavoring, vitamin, energy or medication options.
  • Flip cap depress single grommet to dispense up to 3 grams of ingredient.
  • After depressing grommet close flip cap and shake slightly to mix.
  • Cap design is scalable to fit standard 28 ml cap for bottled water and up to 55 ml cap for 5 gallon container.

Choice H2O Dispensing Cap was originally designed for the dairy industry to dispense chocolate and other flavors into the milk from the cap. This would keep all ingredients out of the milk until released for consumption. Sweetener would come from the cap in the form of Stevia and replace High Fructose Corn Syrup. With all ingredients stored in the cap, the shelf life of milk would increase 30%.

With a positive seal on the flip cap design we can use ingredients like: vitamins, energy, medication and multiple flavor choices. Great for consumer's looking for choice.

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