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Single Chamber Insert Design

Single Chamber Insert Design

  • This design is for NGO applications for third world medication dispensing.
  • One design is activated when cap is depressed on to 5 gallon container then ingredients is released.
  • Other insert designs can be adapted to most existing caps. These caps are to release medication and water purification into the water.
  • Caps can hold different medications depending on area in the world use.
  • Chamber size of a 55 ml. insert holds 8.2 grams

Choice H2O Dispensing Cap was designed with the ability to fit a large range of container caps. The cartridge itself can be used to dispense medication or water purification by clinical personal at disaster sites to ward off infection and the drinking of contaminated water. We have a designed cap for use in remote areas of the world where the 5 gallon bottles are reused by refilling from rivers and ponds. This practice sickens the entire families with parasites from the infected water sources. Our caps design when pressed on to the 5 gallon bottles releases medication and water purification automatically.

We believe that this cap design can have a large impact on third world areas and specifically designed by medical professionals on what the chambers have for needed medication.

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