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Sled Moisture Sensor | Sensortech Systems Inc.

Sled Moisture Sensor

Sled Moisture Sensor The product passes underneath the sensor where the moisture measurement is taken. The sled hangs from hinged arms allowing it to maintain a parallel position to the conveyor and to level the product for consistent measurement. Maintaining a depth of product greater than the penetration of the RF field is particularly important for the application. Typically used on conveyors (sloping/horizontal). Planar Moisture Sensors Planar sensors may be used to measure powdered products on belt conveyors. A scraper is located above the conveyor to level the product. A planar sensor is attached to the down-stream side of the scraper approximately 6mm above the leveled product. In some cases the scraper may be adjusted up or down to regulate flow. In this case, the sensor moves with the scraper, always maintaining a 6mm product/sensor gap.

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