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What is a Sol-U-Pak™?

A Sol-U-Pak™ is a pouch that is soluble in cold water. The pouch is made entirely of edible packaging film. All components of this film have FDA approval for food use.

What is In a Sol-U-Pak™?

  • Protein Powders
  • Pre-workout Drink Mixes
  • Post-workout Drink Mixes
  • Your Custom Formulations

Benefits for your customers:

In a word, the main benefit is convenience.

Mainstream consumers are looking for convenience and alternative delivery methods. Offering a range of delivery forms will help brands strengthen product adoption rates, continued use, and customer loyalty. Sol-U-Pak™ pouches of powdered drink mixes and protein powders provide the ultimate single serve convenience.

For example, look at pre-workout beverages, post-workout beverages, and protein powders. No one really wants to start their workout by lugging a 2-pound tub of protein to the gym. We need the convenience of a portable single-serving option. Sol-U-Paks™ is the perfect answer.

The mainstream consumer has become an important driver in the industry, transforming sports nutrition into nutrition for an active lifestyle. This transformation means that food and beverage manufacturers are changing how they approach product development and marketing.

In summary:

  • Convenient
  • Premeasured
  • Portable – grab and go
  • No more heavy tubs, messy powders, or fiddly scoops!
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