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EKATO vacuum dryer for your pasty to free-flowing products


For free-flowing products, the Solids-PARAVISC impeller is used in the SOLIDMIX VST dryer series. The ISOPAS impeller was designed for processing pasty, poorly flowing media. It is implemented in the EKATO SOLIDMIX VPT dryers. The modular system can also be specifically tailored to customer requirements. Our experienced experts help to provide the vacuum dryer with the appropriate process technology solution. The following basic operations are available: drying, mixing, chemical reactions, coating, granulating, heating, cooling, moistening, and many more. The EKATO SOLIDMIX vacuum dryer typically has the following system components: Mixing impeller (patented EKATO ISOPAS or EKATO Solids-PARAVISC) ASME, PED, or SELO vacuum and pressure vessel Vacuum system Solvent recovery system Automation Heating and cooling system Cleaning in place (CIP) cleaning system The EKATO SOLIDMIX systems have the same design – from laboratory to production scale. Depending on the type of installation, 3 – 32,000 l can be used.

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