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EKATO vacuum dryer for your pasty to free-flowing products


The vertical dryer of the SOLIDMIX VPT series, featuring the EKATO ISOPAS impeller especially developed for the processing of pasty and poorly flowing media, ensures intensive mixing. In addition to its special geometry, the EKATO SOLIDMIX VPT process dryer is equipped with a baffle that prevents co-rotation of the product and ensures homogeneous mixing – even with critical flow characteristics. With the EKATO SOLIDMIX VPT unit, it is possible to include a temperature sensor in the conical part of the vessel plus another sensor into the baffle in order to record elementary process parameters directly inside the product. GMP-compliant design is ensured. It is also possible to take samples without interrupting the process and integrate a chopper for breaking up agglomerates. With a chopper, drying time is shortened because of the increased surface of the particles (shorter diffusion paths for the solvent).

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